Day 2 of the New Goal

Today was harder…but I did better! The weather was beautiful today but that made it harder to walk once I got home from work. I waited until about 20:45 before I went for a walk, it was the perfect temperature. Shorts and vest top weather. I went for a longer walk, partly to make up my steps & partly to absorb the lovely day. I’ve also the temperature to thank for my water intake!

A couple of good MH reads from today 

I read some really good mental health posts & today I’ve read two that I think are worth sharing. 

The first of which, is useful to yourself as well as family & friends. Find this here.

The second is potentially the best self-help checklist that I’ve read. Find this here.


Fitbitch step goal

I made the brave decision to increase my step goal from today! I’ve been smashing my 10,000 goal everyday & dare I say, it’s becoming easy and not much of a challenge. I treat my goal as a bare minimum, actually aiming for the personal goal of 25% over – 12,500. That way I still have to push myself, but it’s not a disaster if I do not meet the personal as I’ll have met the official.

My official step goal is now 11,000, not a big increase but I’m increasing slowly & +25% now equals 13,750. 

Today I’ve reached it reasonably easily, let’s see if I can complete the Workweek Hustle with this goal! 👍🏼


Breakfast Smoothie.

Morning, this strawberry and kale smoothie is substantial enough for breakfast, particularly in the quantities below. 

  • 2 cups strawberries
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1 cup almond milk 
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt

185 kcal

Swizz in your blender! I usually use my smoothie maker but because of quantity, used my blender today. I’m not sure I’ll be going back to my smoothie maker!! 

Original recipe found here, with a few extra/optional ingredients. I used Alpro plain yoghurt with coconut as I didn’t have coconut oil.

Weekend Kindness


This weekend has been a volunteering one. The PDSA was open for staff and volunteers, so business resumed as normal. We did lots of sorting, hanging and restocking. 


I volunteered all day at the PDSA yesterday; I was back home. It reopens this Friday and it should be busy, successful and lively. 

Today I spent my day volunteering with Umbrella. It was a relaxed day at Umbrella House, spent crafting, playing games and having fun. As usual the young people were amazing and surprised me in the most inspirational ways. 

There is no other way I would like to spend my weekend. 

This speaks for itself.

“Thank you for writing your blog post ‘so when are you going to get better’. I admire you incredibly for your openness and honesty. It’s helped me to understand a lot more than I did before about how you feel and how others can feel. xxx I can relate to parts of the post too, so thank you for sharing xxx”

The hard work was worth it. 

“I have been meaning to get in touch for a while but just not known how in my own head. I stumbled upon your blog and it has given me that push.

My heart goes out to you. It really does. More than I can get across. If anyone can relate to you first hand it is me and my family.

My sister who recently turned 20 has borderline personality disorder. Diagnosed. Then undiagnosed. Then officially diagnosed. And round we still go. Alongside this she has other disorders that intertwine, overshadow and completely throw it all.

I would not know where to start. I’m not sure where the start is. And unfortunately my story is not filled with hope or health or healing, just hospitals and heartbreak.

I guess I just wanted to let you know to get in touch if you have any questions or just want to know someone understands. Xxxx”

And again. You lovely people.