Tesco Healthy Living Indian Spiced Vegetables

When deciding which product from the Tesco Healthy Living range to trial, I decided on a ready meal. Mainly as I am not a huge fan of tinned soup, but also because I rarely eat ready meals. As a vegetarian, I was disappointed with the range, and was left no choice but to purchase the Indian Spiced vegetables. The product was on offer at £2 and therefore with my £2 voucher I tried it for free! I have never previously purchased Indian spiced vegetables, and I do not recall seeing them offered in another range. However, as a non ready meal shopper, I may just have not noticed them previously. I am not into spiced food that is ‘hot’ but felt reassured as the packaging states that the product is mild.
For those that are calorie counters, the packaging clearly gives the number of calories on the front, in addition to the standard nutritional information. I liked that there was a clear description of the vegetables contained and also a bright photograph. The cooking instructions were easy to follow, and the product can either be microwaved or oven baked. I chose to cook mine in the oven, and this did not take much longer than it would have to microwave.
The spices smelt appetizing before, during and after cooking. There was an even mix of vegetables and a fair amount for a meal (although I did have garlic bread with mine for a carb element)! The product was enjoyable, however for my taste the yoghurt was needed as I found the spices to be a bit more than mild!
I would buy this product again, however after getting about halfway through the meal, I decided that it would be more appropriate as a side dish between two people. Enjoyable as it was, I found that I got a bit bored and although I was not full, there was too much of the same.
I am glad that I am a member of The Orchard at Tesco, as it is unlikely that I would have purchased the meal otherwise.

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