Again, I have experienced symptoms of anxiety for years but did not realise. Mainly this exhibited itself as my stomach churning, often. I did not have anything to be anxious for, I had a good friendship group, worked well and had a supportive family. I just am an anxious person. Even now, I can not always pinpoint the root. It was once I was studying at college that I realised it might be called anxiety. When I arrived each day, my heart was starting to race and my head spin. It was as though I knew something bad was going to happen and I was preparing, except nothing bad was going to happen. This would have been the same wherever I had studied. I could not ask for help, what was I going to say?! I was happy with my subjects and friends, there was not anything to be anxious about. Reflecting, I now know that there doesn’t not have to be a trigger.
I still experience anxiety daily, sometimes only a little, sometimes more. The difference is I now have medication to help me along. My beta-blockers are amazing, they stop my heart from racing and therefore eliminate the cycle of my heart is racing, why am I anxious, it is going even faster. I am slightly better at dealing with it too, I find that counted breaths often help and there are select people that I will tell when I am in a tizz, they help me to identify the cause and how I am going to manage it.

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