The Adult Club

I seem to have become an adult. When did that happen? If I’m at the quarter life crisis stage, it’s an enjoyable crisis.

Things I do now I’ve become a proper grown-up:

  1. Clean
  2. Garden
  3. Assess my physical health 
  4. Accept my mental health
  5. Try to think before I speak
  6. Try to learn from my mistakes
  7. Ask for help 
  8. Cook healthily 
  9. Share my kindness
  10. Listen to Radio 2.

Generally all opinions from fellow members of the ‘adult club’ are negative. Worst choice they ever made. Why? The things that you do are our choice & others have to accept these choices. You’re independent, do your thing. It’s not an easy transition but there’s the rewards when you succeed! 

You can take advantage of your pre adulthood days & advise people that aren’t part of the club yet. For me that’s daily, I work in a Secondary School. I hear 15 year old dilemmas hourly. From “Is the pill or injection better?” to “What colour shall I do the title?” to “Shall I move to a hostel or ask round my friends for a sofa?”. I love their dilemmas, it shows that they are mini adults & I feel flattered every time I’m asked a question. They know the secret, they know I’m in the ‘Adult Club’! 


If you’re reading this be careful…you might get sucked in.

My blog will touch on the list of adult-like actions as they occur. The key ones for me are assessing my physical health, accepting my mental health & sharing my kindness. 

I’m obsessed by Orphan Black at the moment on Netflix. 1 more episode until the end of Season 1…TTFN.

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