Workweek hustle smashed.

I love my Fitbit, nothing new there. I’m very competitive with myself & apparently equally competitive with challengers. I’m usually part of a Workweek Hustle challenge & last week I was very determined since I had increased my daily step goal. Buzzing to see my determination paid off & by so far! 


Smoothie Sunday

The piggy pink one.


This was a throw it all in and see smoothie. The result was very enjoyable. It was sweet  from the mango and pineapple despite using Alpro Almond Unsweetened. I love blueberries, but for this smoothie I appreciated them even more for the colour.

Mango contains iron, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Pineapple contains manganese, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Blueberries contain vitamin K, vitamin C and fibre.

Alpro Almond Unsweetened is low in fat, low calories and contains vitamin E.


Mango 2 tbsp

Pineapple 1 tbsp

Blueberries a handfull

Alpro Almond Unsweetened 200ml

Whizz them all in your blender or smoothie maker.

Terrible Tuesday Smoothie

The green one.

Recipe found here.

I rebelled and made this smoothie on a Saturday. It is a real wake up smoothie. Sweet but with a lime kick.  I like this recipe as it includes kale, a fibre and vitamin B source, and Alpro almond milk, a calcium source.  The original link is above but the recipe contains:

  • 200ml of Alpro Almond Milk
  • 15g of kale
  • 75g of pineapple (the recipe says frozen but I used chilled)
  • 20ml of lime juice (I just squeezed one line for ease)

Fitbitch here 

Morning lovelies! 

As usual the first app I clicked on this morning was Fitbit! & it got me in a good mood for the day before I have even got out of bed. 

Firstly I clicked on the challenges that finished yesterday. The workweek hustle (two challenges) & goal day. Well goal day was standard, I met my goal & other Fitbitters went beyond theirs. I don’t feel disappointed with that as I don’t actually know the other challengers, and that doesn’t motivate me as much. 

However, the workweek hustle challenges are myself & my housemate and the two of us again plus my housemates friend living in Australia. We had to set up two challenges as I was getting so confused with the different time zone! I came an expected second in this 3 person challenge. The winner seems to walk a lot!!  

& then with the 2 person challenge, I won, since it is the same as above but without the first person living in Australia! I also beat my personal record (I love a bit of personal competition).  

I was more pleased when I checked my tracked sleep. 0x awake and 3x restless. I’ll take that!! My tracked sleep usually predicts my energy levels for the next day & also reflects just how tired I was.  

It’s no secret that I do cheat a little with my sleep. I take zolpidem to cure insomnia & trazadone for its sedative benefits. This ensures that I do sleep, but I still find looking at my restlessness interesting.


I woke up without an alarm this morning too, so since my sleep was so restful I obviously only needed just over 6 hours. 

Alternatively, this little one could have woken me…


Two friends purchased Fitbits yesterday. Cue weekend warrior challenge. I had better start stepping…TTFN.

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Welcome to my guilty pleasure…

So I’m really into my Fitbit (some call it obsessed). 

When I bought it a couple of months back, I was worried that the novelty would quickly wear off. It’s not. Not at all. 

I’m constantly looking at my Fitbit Charge. Or my dashboard on the app. Or googling Fitbit advice. Today I received confirmation from 6Tribes that my Fitbitters Tribe had gone live; another level of obsession. I love it. I like the group challenges. But I love that it’s a personal challenge. 

This week has been a good week. I’ve earned 4 badges. I love a recognition of my achievement, albeit virtual. 

I also like that there’s a big online Fitbit community & its worldwide. There’s loads of us, everywhere. There is always someone to motivate or problem solve. 

I use Myfitnesspal alongside Fitbit to track my food and water intake. The two sync well together and provide more accurate information. 

I was going to list my favourite stats from Fitbit but I’m not sure I can. It goes without saying that I love having a step counter -” just one more hundred…one more“. I find having the floors climbed tracker very motivating (& clever), ten floors is more than I ever realised. The first thing I do in the morning (after turning off my Fitbit alarm) & look at how I’ve slept through the night. I find that this monitors how healthy I’ve been the day before. 

I also really really like the water tracker. I know how important it is to be hydrating but it seemed a huge mission before I was a Fitbitter, now I enjoy drinking water because I can enter my intake! I don’t use the Fitbit for weight loss, but I appreciate its usefulness in adapting your calorie intake for the day based on the amount you have exercised. 

Next post giving more info on my recent 4 badge achievements. Just need to a few hundred more steps to meet my daily goal…TTFN.

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Health stats 28/05/15

I’m pretty into my Fitbit (some would say obsessed). Today’s stats as shown on the IOS app, weren’t brilliant but I reached my daily stats goal & that’s important to me. 

As of last weekend I started using MyFitnessPal IOS app again for food and water tracking. It’s the more accurate app for nutrition & provides more analysis. It has provided me with extra motivation as it breaks down my carbohydrate, fat & protein intake and then breaks this down further to the % of calcium, fat, vitamins A & E, sugar etc I have eaten each day. This information then syncs to the Fitbit app. 

Here is an example of how my calorie intake was spread today:

The net calories = my total calories – the calories I have burnt through excercise.

I’m trying to watch We need to talk about Kevin now, but struggling to keep up with the storyline…TTFN.

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The Adult Club

I seem to have become an adult. When did that happen? If I’m at the quarter life crisis stage, it’s an enjoyable crisis.

Things I do now I’ve become a proper grown-up:

  1. Clean
  2. Garden
  3. Assess my physical health 
  4. Accept my mental health
  5. Try to think before I speak
  6. Try to learn from my mistakes
  7. Ask for help 
  8. Cook healthily 
  9. Share my kindness
  10. Listen to Radio 2.

Generally all opinions from fellow members of the ‘adult club’ are negative. Worst choice they ever made. Why? The things that you do are our choice & others have to accept these choices. You’re independent, do your thing. It’s not an easy transition but there’s the rewards when you succeed! 

You can take advantage of your pre adulthood days & advise people that aren’t part of the club yet. For me that’s daily, I work in a Secondary School. I hear 15 year old dilemmas hourly. From “Is the pill or injection better?” to “What colour shall I do the title?” to “Shall I move to a hostel or ask round my friends for a sofa?”. I love their dilemmas, it shows that they are mini adults & I feel flattered every time I’m asked a question. They know the secret, they know I’m in the ‘Adult Club’! 


If you’re reading this be careful…you might get sucked in.

My blog will touch on the list of adult-like actions as they occur. The key ones for me are assessing my physical health, accepting my mental health & sharing my kindness. 

I’m obsessed by Orphan Black at the moment on Netflix. 1 more episode until the end of Season 1…TTFN.

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