Mental Health 

My passion in mental health grows daily. Both for my own health & others.

It’s going to feature highly in this blog. That’s scary. It sounds clichéd, but I want others to know its not just them. Just in the past two days, I’ve already had that experience when reading other blogs. Blogs can be personal and honest; that’s what we need. General information is helpful practically and can be a great source of support. There are some brilliant charities out there. But sometimes I need someone that just gets it.

For now, I don’t ever remember being given a formal diagnosis. I have traits of Borderline Personality Disorder & the more I hear about it, the surer I am that I do have BPD. I’m very keen for a second assessment. From the medication I am prescribed and the care I am provided with, I assume my diagnosis’ are currently anxiety & severe depression. 

These things aren’t new to me & when I am ready I will share my journey with you.

Mental Health Online Support

Time to Change




Each of these have their own Facebook page too where you can get even more support from others. 

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