Workweek hustle smashed.

I love my Fitbit, nothing new there. I’m very competitive with myself & apparently equally competitive with challengers. I’m usually part of a Workweek Hustle challenge & last week I was very determined since I had increased my daily step goal. Buzzing to see my determination paid off & by so far! 


Day 2 of the New Goal

Today was harder…but I did better! The weather was beautiful today but that made it harder to walk once I got home from work. I waited until about 20:45 before I went for a walk, it was the perfect temperature. Shorts and vest top weather. I went for a longer walk, partly to make up my steps & partly to absorb the lovely day. I’ve also the temperature to thank for my water intake!

A couple of good MH reads from today 

I read some really good mental health posts & today I’ve read two that I think are worth sharing. 

The first of which, is useful to yourself as well as family & friends. Find this here.

The second is potentially the best self-help checklist that I’ve read. Find this here.


Fitbitch step goal

I made the brave decision to increase my step goal from today! I’ve been smashing my 10,000 goal everyday & dare I say, it’s becoming easy and not much of a challenge. I treat my goal as a bare minimum, actually aiming for the personal goal of 25% over – 12,500. That way I still have to push myself, but it’s not a disaster if I do not meet the personal as I’ll have met the official.

My official step goal is now 11,000, not a big increase but I’m increasing slowly & +25% now equals 13,750. 

Today I’ve reached it reasonably easily, let’s see if I can complete the Workweek Hustle with this goal! 👍🏼