Tesco Finest Flowers

I saved my Orchard fresh flowers voucher for Mothers day and went in search the day before. There was a wide selection of flowers still at my local Tesco Extra, although they had definitely been picked over! I spent a long while searching as I was looking for a bouquet with a fair few still in bud so that Mum got the most out of them. I also wanted a bouquet with a variety of flowers in it. I settled for a Tesco Finest bunch, priced at £20, and with my voucher tried them for less at £15.

I liked the Spring-like packaging of the bouquet (as did Mum) and Tesco did also offer a wrapping service which I chose against as I would be storing them in water overnight. The flowers were brightly coloured and eye-catching which I knew my Mum would enjoy.

Tesco guarantees that their fresh flowers will last at least 5 days. I saw the flowers today, 5 days on, and they still look just as fresh. The lilies are all out, other than one and the bouquet is beautiful and bright. Mum was chuffed!