Tesco Fruit & Veg

I’m the first to admit, I’m a recent Aldi convert (sorry Tesco). However, having a £2 voucher from The Orchard at Tesco for fruit and veg, encouraged me to try for free from Tesco this week. I bought a bag of pepper stir fry, an aubergine and a pack of 3 peppers. A pretty standard part of my weekly vegetable purchases. There was a good selection in each area of what I was looking for, and each item was easy to find. The dates on the items were good, however I intended to eat the stir fry over the next 2 days anyway, and do not bother too much about dates on other fresh vegetables. Eat until mouldy.
I was pleased to see that the packaged peppers had a variety of combinations available, therefore I could avoid buying my least favourite colour. I eat peppers regularly and so 3 for 99p is very good value for me. They are regularly roasted in my household and accompany a variety of meals. Aubergine was firm and a good size. Both the aubergine and the peppers are still fresh 5 days on – as evidenced in the photo!
The only reason that my review is 4 stars instead of 5, is the lack of peppers in the stir fry! Generally this would not be a problem but I feel it is a stumbling block when it is advertised as a mixed pepper stir fry! It is a good amount of stir fry for 2 in one sitting, but also keeps well when splitting it over two days.

Day 2 of the New Goal

Today was harder…but I did better! The weather was beautiful today but that made it harder to walk once I got home from work. I waited until about 20:45 before I went for a walk, it was the perfect temperature. Shorts and vest top weather. I went for a longer walk, partly to make up my steps & partly to absorb the lovely day. I’ve also the temperature to thank for my water intake!

Fitbitch confused.

Today I achieved the 75 floors badge. Horray! I hear you cheer, where’s the standard proof screenshot? Well there won’t be one as I’m very confused.

Usually I would be shouting from the rooftops when awarded a badge. But I just can’t. I definitely have not achieved 84 floors today. The last time I achieved a high floor count was when I earned my 50 floors badge. But, I was in tourist mode in Stockholm a month ago, and I worked hard for it. 

My daily average over the past three months has been 15. This week I have been wearing my Fitbit Charge on my ankle as opposed to my wrist (ankle is always first choice but not always practical). But the past four days my floors have been 13, 9, 19, 34. Actually yesterday’s was probably inaccurate too. I have not done anything differently/been anywhere different. Part of me thinks it is from driving, but I do the same commute daily. All other stats appear accurate, surely if it was a Fitbit fault or my error then all stats would be incorrect?

Someone help enlighten me…or just empathise. 

On the positive side, I smashed my water intake today (4100ml now).

4 badges. 4 days.



I achieved 4 badges in 4 days. It was brilliant! That’s not happened since my first week as a Fitbitter (all newbie badges flooded in).

I have been off work this week so I decided I would achieve my 25k step goal. Why not attempt it on the first Sunday? Then I’d the whole week to re-attempt if necessary.

Once the steps began mounting up, I was determined. A 5 mile walk, a few village walks, walking to my parents instead of driving. By 8:15pm I was close. About 4k away. Okay one more walk before I finished for the day. And so I set off, and I achieved 25k. Hooray! Let me see my badge!

But when you’ve reached 25k…it would be silly not to achieve the 30k goal too…

…The walking continued. My original route was extended…by now my hip was hurting with each step. Would it allow me to reach my goal?
…as dusk was closing & the church clock was striking 9:15pm…I looked down and I had done it! 30k & counting! My sheer stubbornness had paid off.


The other badges this week are lifetime badges.


& floors.

I am pleased to receive lifetime badges but they are not immediate gratification and so my pleasure is compromised. Because they are ‘commitment badges’ I struggle to picture just how many miles and floors they represent. Whereas with daily badges, I know how hard I have worked.

Looks like I had better start working towards 35k…there is always next weekend…

Smoothie Sunday

The piggy pink one.


This was a throw it all in and see smoothie. The result was very enjoyable. It was sweet  from the mango and pineapple despite using Alpro Almond Unsweetened. I love blueberries, but for this smoothie I appreciated them even more for the colour.

Mango contains iron, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Pineapple contains manganese, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Blueberries contain vitamin K, vitamin C and fibre.

Alpro Almond Unsweetened is low in fat, low calories and contains vitamin E.


Mango 2 tbsp

Pineapple 1 tbsp

Blueberries a handfull

Alpro Almond Unsweetened 200ml

Whizz them all in your blender or smoothie maker.

Terrible Tuesday Smoothie

The green one.

Recipe found here.

I rebelled and made this smoothie on a Saturday. It is a real wake up smoothie. Sweet but with a lime kick.  I like this recipe as it includes kale, a fibre and vitamin B source, and Alpro almond milk, a calcium source.  The original link is above but the recipe contains:

  • 200ml of Alpro Almond Milk
  • 15g of kale
  • 75g of pineapple (the recipe says frozen but I used chilled)
  • 20ml of lime juice (I just squeezed one line for ease)

Welcome to my guilty pleasure…

So I’m really into my Fitbit (some call it obsessed). 

When I bought it a couple of months back, I was worried that the novelty would quickly wear off. It’s not. Not at all. 

I’m constantly looking at my Fitbit Charge. Or my dashboard on the app. Or googling Fitbit advice. Today I received confirmation from 6Tribes that my Fitbitters Tribe had gone live; another level of obsession. I love it. I like the group challenges. But I love that it’s a personal challenge. 

This week has been a good week. I’ve earned 4 badges. I love a recognition of my achievement, albeit virtual. 

I also like that there’s a big online Fitbit community & its worldwide. There’s loads of us, everywhere. There is always someone to motivate or problem solve. 

I use Myfitnesspal alongside Fitbit to track my food and water intake. The two sync well together and provide more accurate information. 

I was going to list my favourite stats from Fitbit but I’m not sure I can. It goes without saying that I love having a step counter -” just one more hundred…one more“. I find having the floors climbed tracker very motivating (& clever), ten floors is more than I ever realised. The first thing I do in the morning (after turning off my Fitbit alarm) & look at how I’ve slept through the night. I find that this monitors how healthy I’ve been the day before. 

I also really really like the water tracker. I know how important it is to be hydrating but it seemed a huge mission before I was a Fitbitter, now I enjoy drinking water because I can enter my intake! I don’t use the Fitbit for weight loss, but I appreciate its usefulness in adapting your calorie intake for the day based on the amount you have exercised. 

Next post giving more info on my recent 4 badge achievements. Just need to a few hundred more steps to meet my daily goal…TTFN.

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Health stats 28/05/15

I’m pretty into my Fitbit (some would say obsessed). Today’s stats as shown on the IOS app, weren’t brilliant but I reached my daily stats goal & that’s important to me. 

As of last weekend I started using MyFitnessPal IOS app again for food and water tracking. It’s the more accurate app for nutrition & provides more analysis. It has provided me with extra motivation as it breaks down my carbohydrate, fat & protein intake and then breaks this down further to the % of calcium, fat, vitamins A & E, sugar etc I have eaten each day. This information then syncs to the Fitbit app. 

Here is an example of how my calorie intake was spread today:

The net calories = my total calories – the calories I have burnt through excercise.

I’m trying to watch We need to talk about Kevin now, but struggling to keep up with the storyline…TTFN.

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