Ohhh but sleeping tablets are bad for you. You should come off them. 

I never want to come off of mine due to sleep such as this:

Who would say no to that?!

I’ve taken zolpidem for a year & trazadone for a few months. Yes, they are addictive, but deep sleep wins the battle hands down. Without them I was barely sleeping. & withdrawing now leads to rebound insomnia, nightmares, vivid dreams, night sweats. Zolpidem guarantees me 7 hours which is the perfect amount.

Bottom line is: I feel much better when I’ve slept! 

Venlafaxine Withdrawal

Don’t do it. Whether intentional or unintentional, just don’t. 

I’ve done it twice unintentionally. Ie ran out on a Sat & had to wait until Monday. Both times I thought it wouldn’t be that bad, both times it was. This time was potentially worse as I’ve been on a higher dose much longer.