Ohhh but sleeping tablets are bad for you. You should come off them. 

I never want to come off of mine due to sleep such as this:

Who would say no to that?!

I’ve taken zolpidem for a year & trazadone for a few months. Yes, they are addictive, but deep sleep wins the battle hands down. Without them I was barely sleeping. & withdrawing now leads to rebound insomnia, nightmares, vivid dreams, night sweats. Zolpidem guarantees me 7 hours which is the perfect amount.

Bottom line is: I feel much better when I’ve slept! 

Fitbitch here 

Morning lovelies! 

As usual the first app I clicked on this morning was Fitbit! & it got me in a good mood for the day before I have even got out of bed. 

Firstly I clicked on the challenges that finished yesterday. The workweek hustle (two challenges) & goal day. Well goal day was standard, I met my goal & other Fitbitters went beyond theirs. I don’t feel disappointed with that as I don’t actually know the other challengers, and that doesn’t motivate me as much. 

However, the workweek hustle challenges are myself & my housemate and the two of us again plus my housemates friend living in Australia. We had to set up two challenges as I was getting so confused with the different time zone! I came an expected second in this 3 person challenge. The winner seems to walk a lot!!  

& then with the 2 person challenge, I won, since it is the same as above but without the first person living in Australia! I also beat my personal record (I love a bit of personal competition).  

I was more pleased when I checked my tracked sleep. 0x awake and 3x restless. I’ll take that!! My tracked sleep usually predicts my energy levels for the next day & also reflects just how tired I was.  

It’s no secret that I do cheat a little with my sleep. I take zolpidem to cure insomnia & trazadone for its sedative benefits. This ensures that I do sleep, but I still find looking at my restlessness interesting.


I woke up without an alarm this morning too, so since my sleep was so restful I obviously only needed just over 6 hours. 

Alternatively, this little one could have woken me…


Two friends purchased Fitbits yesterday. Cue weekend warrior challenge. I had better start stepping…TTFN.

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